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Are you ready to adopt a powerful lost & found software ?

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Are you ready to adopt a powerful lost & found software ?

Why choosing Troov?


Improve customer experience

Return 3 to 5 times more items to your visitors with an average satisfaction rate of 4.9 / 5


Reduce your footprint

Each item recovered will avoid to replace it and destroy it


Value the work of your team and save time

Reduce lost & found handling time and costs up to 80%, your employees will enjoy doing it

Troov is an efficient lost and found items software

We provide a powerful lost & found software to help you transform lost & found into a great customer experience and save time

Features to change the way you manage lost & found

image algorithm

Smart matching

Found items and owners are automatically matched by our algorithm

image toolkit

Professional tools

All tools required to save time including document management system to generate administrative documents, detailed history, team management, QR code for storage…

image automated communication

Automated communication

Customer communication is automated, your team will manage the software and we take care of informing customers on any action requested

image security


Secured end-to-end solution including private database (found items are not public), authentication process, electronic signature

See what our customers have to say on Troov

«Customers are delighted with this solution and they share it every day on our social networks»

Charlie Prat, Director of CNIT

Using Troov has been a revolution for our team

Wilfrid Bonillo, Safety Director Auchan Bordeaux Lac

Be part of the Revolution

We adapt to all places

An airport

A shopping center

A museum

A cinema

A convention center

A place open to the public

A municipality

An amusement park

A planet

Start the revolution by adopting a powerful lost & found software and reduce your costs