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Magical Shuttle (CDG) , 95700 , Roissy-en-France


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lundi - samedi 08h30/19h00

Troov is the official software
to manage lost and found properties Magical Shuttle (CDG)

Keep in mind that we do not physically hold the items, we connect you via your Troov ad with the lost and found service.

How to recover a lost item from

Go to to declare the loss of your item because it is the tool chosen by Magical Shuttle (CDG) to return the items found to you with complete peace of mind. Describe precisely the lost item to certify that you are the owner. As soon as the location has authenticated your property on the item, you will receive a message that will tell you how to recover it

Report your lost property online on TROOV
Bring all necessary information to guarantee your identification as the owner of the item
As soon as this place has more information, they will send you a notice to recover your item, saving you travel and time!



Perdimos una mochila de niña y en menos de 24 horas ya la teníamos en nuestro hotel. Muy amables y efectivos. Muchas gracias por todo.
Very easy to manage even in English. Well done.
This was incredible. We got a call from the Magic Shuttle team 5 mins after submitting the claim. My daughter now has her backpack bag. Thank you so much!!!!
Got my phone thank you so much
Found dealing with Troov very worth while and a satisfactory conclusion was achieved

Smart Tips

As soon as you realize that you have lost an item, declare it online with Troov and remember to share all information that makes your identification easier.
Beware of fraudulent sites inviting you to dial premium-rate numbers