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Before arriving

Manage your reservations like a chief

Before arriving

How to cancel one or more reservations?

  • To cancel your reservation, go directly to your interface by logging in here with your email and password. Press the “Cancel” button. The operation will be done automatically and will notify the store.

What supporting document must I present when I arrive in the store?

  • To enter the store, you must bring your identity card and the confirmation email. Prepare it before your entrance and set the brightness of your phone to the maximum for a good reading of the QR code by the teams. Otherwise you can also print this email.
    Even if you have a reservation, the establishment has the right to refuse you entry

Can someone introduce themselves?

  • This is a rule that is defined by store so you must contact the store directly, however in general:
  • On a store visit, the reservation is personal.
  • On order pickup / click & collect, the rule is more flexible if you have the appointment confirmation with you.
  • The easiest way is to cancel the meeting and start another with the right name;)

If I make my reservation online, do I have priority?

  • Only the establishment can determine who will have priority. On the other hand, with a reservation you allow the store to anticipate the flow and customer traffic so there is a good chance that you will be treated as a priority;)

Do you have priority queues for the elderly, pregnant women…?

It all depends on whether the store has indicated that it has set up priority queues. Contact the store for any questions relating to their internal organization.

How much time do I have in the selected store?

  • The time allowed in the store may be different in each store and depending on the service requested. You can identify the authorized time in the appointment booking interface as indicated below or in the confirmation email:

Where do I have to go to enter the store?

  • To enter the store, you must go to the address indicated in the confirmation email.

Who do I show my reservation to?

You must show your reservation to the employee at the store entrance or to any employee requesting it in the store concerned.

You can join us in case of emergency on our hotline:

01 84 80 44 24 from Monday to Friday at 10AM to 6PM