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Does Troov respect the regulations on the protection of personal data and in particular the GDPR?

  • Troov, like any company that hosts the data of European citizens, is required to comply with obligations relating to personal data and attaches the greatest importance to this. Troov has therefore put in place the technical and organizational measures that ensure the security of personal data that is online on its platform. She also ensured that a procedure was put in place allowing citizens to exercise their right to object. Troov does not store personal data for longer than necessary. Troov also ensures that consumers’ consent is obtained before any transfer of their personal data for marketing purposes.

Can Troov access the customer files of its partners?

  • Troov sets up partnerships but never collects customer files. If the customer data is useful, then Troov will develop the external APIs necessary to query the partner databases.

Does Troov share customer data with partners?

  • Troov communicates to partners the data necessary for your appointment to be taken into account, but does not share data concerning you for other purposes except with your consent.
  • You may also be invited directly by our partners during your in-store visits to communicate your details to them and it is up to you to accept or not. We cannot in any way intervene in this regard.

You can join us in case of emergency on our hotline:

01 84 80 44 24 from Monday to Friday at 10AM to 6PM