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Does Troov respect the regulations on the protection of personal data and in particular the RGPD?

Troov, like any other company hosting the data of European citizens, is bound by the obligations of personal data and attaches the utmost importance to it. Thus Troov has put in place the technical and organizational measures that ensure the security of personal data that are online on its platform. It also ensured that a procedure was put in place to allow citizens to exercise their right of opposition. Troov does not store personal data for longer than necessary. Troov continues to seek the consent of consumers prior to any transfer of their personal data for business purposes.

How does Troov preserve the anonymity of the owners of lost items that are not yet registered on its platform and have therefore not agreed to the use of their personal data?

The objective of TrooV as those who have lost items is to do everything to help them find their property as quickly as possible. This assumes that some personal data can be processed. When the loss announcement is filed with a third party, TrooV asks the third party to obtain the consent of the person on the processing of personal data necessary for the operation of his matching tool. For all the personal data obtained are not put online, some are precisely kept by our servers without being published to preserve the protection of personal data. With regard to the advertisements of found items, it is the same. Not all posted information is accessible online, especially those containing personal data, and TrooV attracts the attention of those who post ads on the importance of not publishing certain sensitive data.

Can Troov access the client files of its partners?

Troov builds partnerships but never recovers customer files. If the customer data is useful then Troov will develop the external APIs needed to query the partner databases.

Does Troov share their customer data with their partners?

Troov does not share its customer data with its partners except with the consent of the customers concerned.

How does Troov respect customer data when generating a lead?

Troov respects the data protection of its customers by not communicating them to third parties without the consent of its customer. Troov offers its customers alternative solutions for items not found at advantageous rates, customers can then choose to use this solution or not?