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1. What is a claim ? 🤔

A claim is the record of the lost or found item. The more detailed it is, the more likely it is to lead to a positive outcome.

  • Write your address and select one of the choices offered by Google Map
  • Select the corresponding partner locations
  • Choose the date of loss
  • Select the category of the lost item: choose the right one because it will be decisive for the match that we will find
  • Upload a photo (optional but strongly recommended)
  • Describe your item as accurately as possible
  • Add an authentication question and answer it to prove that you are the owner (otherwise you can fill it later)
    Then, you need to create an account to track the status of your claim

2. Who has access to your claim ?

Only people who meet the 3 criteria have access to your lost item claim: 🤓

  • They have registered their item on the Troov website
  • They declared an item found in a nearby place (e.g. Nice airport)
  • They have declared an item with the same category type as your item (e.g. passport)

3. Has your claim been properly uploaded in our database?

As soon as your claim is online, you will receive a welcome email
If you have a doubt, connect to your interface to find your claim

4. Who is using Troov?

Troov is a solution for those who have found or lost an item
Anyone can add an item to Troov
In addition, Troov works with many professional lost & found offices

5. What should you do if you have lost something in a place that is not (yet) a partner of Troov?

This does not mean that it can not be found on Troov, but you will only be able to find found items added by individuals
In addition, contact directly the place where you have lost your item
Do not hesitate to ask them to work with us!

6. How can you be sure that your item has been found?

Unfortunately, we can not guarantee that your item will be found: everything depends on the kindness and honesty of the person who will find it. It also happens very often that people believe to have lost something in a specific place (e.g. airport) and find it in reality somewhere else (e.g. in their car)

7. You loved your experience with Troov, where can you share it?

We are very happy to have helped you and to share your feedback you can reconnect to your interface and leave a comment
You can also let it know by leaving a review on Facebook or Google
The more you talk around you, the more the reflex Troov will spread: it’s up to you 🤗

8. I cannot create my account. Why?

When filling in the location of the loss, be sure to select a proposed location from the list below so that the address is in Google Map format

9. What it the authentication question?

The authentication question makes it possible to prove that you are the owner of the item found to the one who holds it. You can inform it at when filling the claim or when a match is validated

10. How can you be sure to chose carefully your authentication question?

Ask a question that only you, owner of the object found, can answer. Thanks to this question, the person who found the item will no longer doubt your good faith
For example, if it’s a bag or purse, ask what is its content, what is its state of wear, is the zipper functional … For each type of object, questions are proposed, so do not panic 😉

11. You have lost a bag containing different items: passport, CB, wallet… How should you file your claim?

Start by filling a claim for each item that was inside the bag (passport, wallet, credit card …) then make the claim for the container (Bag)
When you add the bag, use the button “related items” at the bottom of the form

12. What is the reference number

The reference number is to help our partners and Troov team to easily identify your claim
Use it in all your communications with Troov or the partner place

13. Why is the lost reference number different from the found reference number?

Each item has a reference when filling the claim, whether lost or found. The match allows then to reconcile 2 item: it is the wedding of 2 references! ❤

14. How can you edit your claim?

To edit your claim, sign in to your account and then:
In the main tab or in the “My items” tab, click on the item to modify
Click on “Edit”

15. The category of item you are looking for is not listed. What should you do?

Troov manages a large number of items, if nothing seems to match your items in all the category icons, then you can use the “Unknown item“ category (Miscellaneous).
However Troov does not manage all types of loss, for example if you have lost your mind, love … 🤣