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1. What is a match? How does it work? ⚡

There are different types of matches:

  • The potential match: You can have different items that seem to match yours
  • The validated match: it is the moment to provide information proving that you are the owner of the item found

2. Why haven’t you receive any match?

With Troov you maximize your chances of finding your item but we can never guarantee that we will find it. To make sure you get the best of luck, go to your Troov personal account and make sure your item:
Has good status (Lost instead of Found)
Is in the right category. Be careful, 2 items of different categories can not match!
Is in a partner place of Troov (see the liste)
Be patient, often the objects are reported lost before being found ⏰

3. Why do we use the word « match »?

The word “match” has made its appearance with dating sites. If you doubt the understanding, imagine that a lost items must find its items found to be happy ❤

4. You got a match with a wrong item, what should you do?

Just select the “Cancel match” button, other items matching yours will then appear.

5. You have canceled the right match by accident, how can you restore it?

Do not panic, it can happen. Contact-us quickly so that the great developers of Troov solve this issue.

6. You have match with items very different from yours. Is it normal?

Make sure you are in the right category. For instance, if you’ve lost a jacket, fill it in “Clothes & Accessories” -> “Coat, Jacket”. If you fill it in “Other clothes”, you may have surprises … 🤪

7. How can you be sure you got a match with the right item???!!!

It is in this situation that the authentication question makes sense: the person who has found the item will validate it only when he/she will be sure of holding your item. That’s why it’s important that you provide all the information that prove your ownership. Trust our partners😉

8. You are sure that it is your item but you are still waiting the validation of your authentication question from the partner. Can you directly go to the lost & found office?

Our partners may have to handle a lot of requests during peak periods and you have to be patient. If you decide to move without validation on Troov, it will be up to the staff to decide whether to return the item or not